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still plodding

Yes, I’m still at it – with cup of coffee in hand – still plodding on the path of  writing a novel with a missionary setting. As I searched my journals for material, though, I noticed a theme of “intercession” and decided to take a break from fiction and post a few signposts on prayer. Intercessory prayer is more than repeating “save, keep, help, and protect” mantras

It is not
– praying for what we think a person needs or
– what we desire for them

It is
– standing in the gap between God and a person
– asking for God’s perspective of their need
– praying specifically as the Holy Spirit directs

In the 1980s, it seemed that God asked me to “stand in the gap” for specific people. Now, 30 years later, I am posting a few of these journaled prayers in www.signpostsonhightrails.com.  These prayers may resonate with some readers. Other readers may wonder if Martha is suffering from religious dementia! The first of these posts on Intercessory Prayer is titled FALLOW FIELD. You’ll find it at www.signpostsonhightrails.com.

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