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History Review

Relationship with Christ

Sometimes, when watching a couple of people, we hear the comment “they have a history.” “Having a history,” means they’ve been together in some type of relationship that probably included intimacy or conflict.  Most of that personal relationship was hidden from public view.

When we speak of having a “personal relationship” with Christ what do we mean? It means we “have a history” with Christ.

What is your history with Christ?

Your “history” is more than baptism, church membership, or even making a decision to follow Jesus. Your “history” is that walk with God and moments you shared that others know nothing about, but you knew God was with you in a special way. During this Thanksgiving season take time to review and give thanks for the history you have with the Lord. Remember those specific “historical” moments …

Of first awareness that God cared for you and loved you
Of calling on God in a desperate time and knowing God heard you
Of times of fear and doubt and anger toward God being resolved
Of God’s clear direction accompanied by open doors
Of  provision for little things that confirmed God heard your prayer
Of knowing God was near as you wept and grieved
Of songs God brought to your mind during times of joy, perplexity, grief and discouragement
Of times of chastening and disciplining
Of knowing a passage of scripture was God’s message for you at that time in your life.
Of people or sermons or writings God placed on your path to bring encouragement


During this Thanksgiving season, take time to check the underlined passages in your Bible and give thanks for the history – the personal relationship – you have with God. Even pull out an old Bible and review that history. Some underlined passages in your older Bibles may stir painful memories, but give thanks that God brought you through those tough times.

Do you have a history with God? If not, find a quiet place and tell God you want to have a close personal relationship. If you have a history with God, treasure it, nourish it. Give thanks to God for the history you share.

Martha Hawn VanCise© www.signpostsonhightrails.com