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Looking for a Friend

Rilo and a friend3

You created us for fellowship with You,

            but You have never pushed Your friendship on us.

You tried to be a friend to the Adams family in the Garden of Eden,

            but they didn’t trust your friendship motives.

Abraham, though, trusted You and he is known as a Friend of God.

Moses conversed with You as a friend, and told the Israelites

“You can have only one Best Friend.”

But few desired to make You their Best Friend Forever.

You spent thirty-three years looking for true friends in

Jerusalem, Galilee, and along the Jordan River.

Oh, yes! Thousands clamored to be your friend,

Until Your name plummeted in popularity polls.

Millennium after millennium You have tried to be our Friend.

You still come.

You still search.

You still look for friends.

And we, Your most-loved creation still

            Hesitate to make you our Best Friend Forever.


Martha VanCise©2013

Photo by: Sarah Nachman