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VASI Lights

Lights on runway approach

Seeing the lights of a runway does not guarantee that a pilot will land an aircraft safely. The pilot must make sure that the VASI lights (visual approach slope indicators) line up properly.

VASI lights appear as either white or red, depending on the angle at which they are viewed. When the pilot is approaching the lights at the proper angle the first set of lights appear white and the second set appears red. When both sets appear white, the aircraft is too high, and when both appear red it is too low. A mnemonic familiar to pilots is:

White over White, you’re high as a kite.
Red over White, you’re alright.
Red over Red, you’re dead.

 A single scripture may appear to support our personal ideas of right and wrong or confirm our desired answer to a particular question. Unless that scripture, however, aligns with other scriptures we run the risk of spiritual disaster. When you approach the scriptures, looking for guidance, make sure your understanding and application of the text lines up with the rest of the Word of God.

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