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Multiple Choice

It's and either or not multiple choice

When I was a child the choices seemed simple. My crayon box held only eight crayons. I envied those who had boxes of 16 colors but knew my parents could not afford to buy the large boxes. Until I left home, most of my life choices were limited by where I lived and what was available.

One of my memorable introductions to overwhelming multiple choices came in 1977 when I returned from living almost a year in Guatemala. When I called Bell South for a phone hookup, the agent gave me a list of packages and options. I said, “I just want a phone hooked up for local calls and a few long-distance calls!” But No! Getting a phone was no  longer that simple.

In 1988, when I returned to Florida after spending five years in Haiti, I went to Sam’s Club to buy groceries.  Within ten minutes the towers of food and supplies overwhelmed me and I had to walk out. After shopping in stores with barren shelves and selecting fruit and vegetables from roadside markets, the abundance and number of food choices overwhelmed me. I still shake my head at the number of choices we face in superstores. This week, I spent 10 minutes selecting a body lotion. What happened to the one choice of Jergens?!!

I sometimes wonder about the people who have lived without Christ all their lives and how they feel when someone speaks to them about their eternal destiny. It seemed so simple when I was a child. You were either a Christian or a sinner. You either followed Christ or you lived life your own way. Today, there are so many choices – so many labels: born again, saved, evangelical, messianic Jew, charismatic, Pentecostal, Mainline, Reformed, spiritual but not religious, New Age, pro-this and pro-that.  There is no limit to the tags placed on people’s religious beliefs. While being “born again,” or “saved” are biblical terms, they are not identity tags.

Often, I want to stand in the streets and shout,
“Don’t tag me! I’m simply a follower of Jesus Christ!”

The Facts are Simple:
There is a holy God who does not tolerate sin.
We are all sinners.
Apart from Christ we are hopelessly lost.
Jesus took our sins on himself and died so that we could stand forgiven in God’s presence

The Choice is Still Simple
We confess we are sinners, accept Christ’s sacrifice and we follow Christ
We continue living our own way

This is not a multiple choice question.

Martha Hawn VanCise©2016 www.signpostsonhightrails.com