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Ripples and Wakes

Framed Ship Wake
From the window of a Cessna 172, I see that a massive ship has passed below.  I cannot see the  vessel, but I see a trail left in the water that extends past the horizon.

Some people jet ski through life. They flit about with no real purpose and skim the surface of life’s possibilities without delving into any of them.  They have no special destination and their limited investment in eternal values leaves little space for much more than self.  Their passage may churn a few short waves of friendly applause, but their passing through life seldom makes a lasting ripple on the vast sea of human need.

Others invest all that they are and possess to sound the depths of God’s wisdom and knowledge. They plow through adversity, carry the burden of intercessory prayer, and keep a lookout for spiritual castaways.  From the depths of life experience and a pursuit of God, these Christians cast lines of hope to those floundering in sorrow, hopelessness and desolation.  They who invest their lives in eternity-valued purposes will leave a path across the sea of life that lingers long after their earthly vessels slip over the horizon.

“If we choose to live on the surface of things, we may be of some help to folk in need, but the happiness we bring them will pass…. When we have found God speaking to us in the depths, then it is we possess treasures of darkness to share with others in their hour of trial.” Watchman Nee A Table In the Wilderness June 8

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