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Pacemakers and Peacemakers


Peacemaker in heart


I met Marie at the local laundry. I sensed she had a spiritual need so I took time to get acquainted with her. At Christmas time I took her a small gift. While in her home, I felt impressed to pray with her and as I prayed she began to weep.

“I used to walk with God,” she said, “but I’ve gotten away from Him.” She wanted to get back to God, but not just yet.

 After I moved 1400 miles away, we exchanged letters.  When I received her letters, I had to hold them at arm’s length and study them like an optical illusion print that revealed a hidden picture. After she passed the 80-year mark, her writing became squigglier and the litany of ailments increased. With difficulty, I read letters that became repetitive. Then one day she wrote, “I’m home now, but I nearly died.  The doctor had to operate and put a peacemaker in my heart.”

According to the American Heart Association  600,000 pacemakers are implanted each year. For many the technology provides a new lease on life. Although no earthly cardiologist can implant a peacemaker, we can have a peacemaker implanted that will guard our hearts and minds from collapse, when life seems out of control (Philippians 4:7).

 Many people fear getting God’s peacemaker more than they fear getting a pacemaker.

They fear abandoning themselves to the hands of God.

They do not trust Him to have their best interests in mind.

 Yes, it is a little scary to think of

being stripped of our good deeds which we thought would please God

being made vulnerable to His probing of our innermost thoughts and motives

admitting our sinfulness to a holy God.

Saying, “Yes, go ahead. I place my life in Your hands,” is not easy, but it is the only means of gaining a lease on eternal life.

If you need a pacemaker or a peacemaker, don’t put off.

It’s foolish and dangerous to wait until we are near death to get either a pacemaker or a peacemaker.

Martha Hawn VanCise ©2013 Signposts on High Trails