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Power Lines

God's Power flows through us

In the previous blog (July 3) we looked at the
One Source of Power – the Holy Spirit.

 Now we will look at four of the five Outlets of Power that S.D. Gordon wrote about in Quiet Talks on Prayer (Condensed and revised m.v.)

FIRST – The Power of the Holy Spirit flows through the life that we live—simply through who we are. If we are living in communion with God, the power of God will be constantly flowing out, though we are not conscious of it. We may serve better in the lives we live than in the best service we ever give. The realization that God can work through us as we live out our daily lives should bring peace when we are tired or feel we are accomplishing little for God.

SECOND – God’s Spirit can move through our lips — what we say. It may be said stammeringly and falteringly, but if said with our best intentions God’s power can reach others through what we say, in spite of our lack of correct grammar or lack of speaking skills.

THIRD –  God’s power is at work through our service — what we do. We may make mistakes and mess up a project, but if it is our best and we do it with a desire to please the Master it will be God-blessed.

FOURTH – God’s power can flow through our money — what we do not keep, but give to God. Money given freely and with love carries a blessing to both giver and receiver.

Next blog we will look at the Fifth Outlet of Power — the most powerful and widest-reaching outlet.

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