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Child, I look down and see you, a steely ball of courage, rolling down the corridors of life. You are lost in a labyrinth of choices, retracing your steps, clattering your confusion, rebelling against the boundaries, never pausing to rest. I know each path appears the same, destined to dead-end just when you gain momentum.

Stop. Wait. Get calm. Now, let Me, who sees the Beginning and the End in one inclusive glance, hold your square of existence. Let me steady your erratic steps. Together, now, let’s start. We’ll move slowly at first with just a slight change of direction here. No, not that way. Don’t you feel My gentle tug this way? Yes, now straight through this narrow passage. Watch that sharp turn! Go faster through the long easy stretch. Rest here just a moment. Let Me check the course and look again at the End.

Move ahead now, quickly. Don’t hesitate at that wide inviting entrance. You’re getting closer to the End. Slow down. You’re getting impatient, running ahead again, trying to find your own way. You haven’t been this way before, so let Me guide you through this final passage. Steady now. Relax. You’ve made it Home.

Martha VanCiseĀ©2013 Sign Posts on High Trails