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How do we focus in prayer?

Where can I find a Pop-Up blocker that works when I try to read my Bible and pray? It seems that when I pick up the  Word  and try to have a conversation with God, pop-ups flood the screen of my mind.  I suddenly remember:

I’m out of eggs- better go put it on my grocery list before I forget it.
Coffee – I forgot to grab a cup of coffee – Be right back, Lord.
Dental Appointment – was that this morning or this afternoon? Better check.

Some days it seems that by the time I take care of the pop-ups, I no longer have a desire to read or pray.

Some popups turn out to be very hard to exit once we open them. They can take over our thinking until all we can do is shut down our devotional time and get on with our day. I have no answer for how to block pop-ups, but I have found a way to deal with them a little better. When I sit down with my Bible, I also have  pen and paper in hand. When a pop-up comes, I either click it off, or put it on my list to handle later.  Very few pop-ups require immediate attention,  but it requires constant discipline to keep closing all the unimportant ones during our devotional time.

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