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Tattered Sails

After the storm

Tattered Sails

The following poem is an Old Signpost that encouraged me during a time when I was preparing to return to Haiti. The previous months in Haiti had been filled with gunfire, tanks in the streets, fiery road blockades, and uncertainty about who was in control in the country.

 I’m Tired, Lord

 “I’m tired, Lord: let me furl my sail,
I hear through the mists how the sad waves wail,
My heart is quailing, and sick with fear,
Ask me no more on this course to steer.”

“Child, take this word again from Me;
As your days, so shall your strength be.”

“Lord, the storm is over – we have ridden it well,
Through all its tossings no harm befell,
It was your hand upon the wheel, I know
But the track is so lonely whereon we go!”

 “For the lonely hour, child, trust in Me;
As your days, so shall your strength be.”

“The canvas is torn, and the rigging rent,
While I see the white sails gleam content
‘Neath the golden light on a sheltered bay;
Let me drop my anchor there, Lord, I pray.”

“Child, you must leave the choice to Me;
As your days, so your strength shall be.”

“The billows are past and the harbor won –
And in the gleam of the setting sun,
The waters of peace my ship enfolds,
And my soul is anchored in joys untold.”

 “Now heart, be strong to ride life’s sea,
As thy days, so shall thy strength be.”

 Martha Hawn VanCise©2014 www.signpostsonhightrails.com

From Consolation, a compilation of writings  by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman (author of Streams in the Desert)  The Twilight Hour. No author given. Some archaic words edited. Photo:Unknown