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Bible Dementia

Don't rip pages out of Bible

E.G Marsh was truly a godly man. He spent his life teaching, preaching, writing and leading a Bible college through dark days. He never wavered from presenting the Bible as God’s Word. In his last days, though, friends and family watched with sadness as dementia silently crept into his life and frayed his connection with reality. One day, his caretaker found him in his room, deliberately ripping pages from his Bible and discarding them on the floor.

Today, we watch with sadness as Bible Dementia creeps into churches. We expected non-Christians, left-leaning liberal churches, and cults to reject basic teachings of the Scriptures, but we did not expect the churches that rose out of revivals of the early 20th century to lose touch with the reality of  a personal walk with God and obedience to his Word.

How can we avoid Bible Dementia?
Leave all the pages in the Word of God.

You may not understand everything, but leave the pages alone.  You may even disagree with others about the importance or interpretation of some scriptures, but don’t rip out any pages.  Each generation finds its hope in the Word of God and your verse of encouragement may not be on the same page that another generation will find hope. The page you rip out may be what your grandchildren need for guidance and strength to face spiritual battles you never could have imagined.

You may not avoid physical dementia,
but you can avoid Bible Dementia.



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