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No Short Arm

God's Hand is not too shortCompassionate hands and hearts
have a limited reach.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations so distressing and painful that no one can comfort us. Friends and family may offer physical comfort, assistance, and love, but their arms are too short to touch our deepest grief and fear.

The Israelites repeatedly encountered similar situations. Even though God — with outstretched arm — had provided a faith-building experience of walking across the Red Sea on dry land, they repeatedly fell into despair. When they complained, and cried, and mutinied God asked, “Is my arm too short to handle your problems?”

Throughout the scriptures we see reminders of how God’s outstretched hand brought deliverance, strength and comfort to people. God still asks, “Is my arm too short to reach your problem?” With an outstretched arm — in whatever depths of despair that you find yourself  —God’s hand can still  touch the deepest need you have.

Isaiah 50:2; Isaiah 59:1; Jeremiah 32:17

Martha Hawn VanCise©2016 www.signpostsonhightrails.com

Photo: Pinterest. Artist unknown.