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I Just Can’t Help But Wonder What Really Happened …


I Can't Help But Wonder

I Can’t Help But Wonder

I’ve always wondered what really happened
On that resurrection morning.

What really happened
When the earth shook and
An angel put his shoulder to the rock and
The guards froze in place, blinded by light?

You, who could walk through rocks
And fleshy walls to a heart
Did not need
An angel doorman that morning.

When you emerged,
Did you quietly crouch beneath the arch
And tiptoe out, so as not to wake the guards
Blink in angel light and whisper, “Good morning.”


I can’t help but wonder if you
Grabbed the angel at the entrance
And exuberantly shook him with your embrace
Until he flickered angel light across the garden.

I can’t help but wonder if you
Threw your head back
And yelled “Yes! Yes!”
As you gave a triumphant
Fist-bump to heaven.

I can’t help but wonder if
Before you spoke to Mary Magdalene and
Before you went to Galilee
You spent some time that morning
Celebrating with your Father.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! You lived a sinless life.
Yes! You stayed on the cross.
Yes! You broke the chains of death.
Yes! You prepared a way to heaven for us.
Yes! You would soon be sitting by the Father.

 I just can’t help but wonder what really happened
On that resurrection morning.

Martha VanCise©2014 www.signpostsonhightrails.com
Photo used with permission Dreamstime.com.