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Once it Was the Blessing

Bless me Lord

When I left college
with a cherished degree in Bible and theology,
I prayed,

BLESS ME! – I’m ready for you to use me.

I pray.
I know your Word.
I have surrendered my life – my talents and spiritual gifts to you.
I’m ready to be used to reach my world.
All I need is your special touch, your anointing.
BLESS ME and I’ll be on my way to do great works for You.


Father, I come,
with no merits of my own,
realizing so much more in me still needs changed.
Your work of preparation goes far deeper
than knowledge and anointing for service.

Keep opening your Word to me,
Keep filing away the edges that hurt others,
Keep peeling away wrong attitudes.
Keep filling me with your Spirit of Love.
Keep preparing me …to stand in your presence.


Martha Hawn VanCise©2014 www.signpostsonhightrails.com
*Albert Benjamin Simpson  (1843-1919)