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Delays from God

In both manned and unmanned space launches, pauses are built into the launch time clock. The clock stops, giving launch specialists time to check, recheck, review, activate, test and begin new steps in the launch procedure. During the pauses fuel is carefully loaded without the pressure of watching time on the countdown clock. The capsule is cleaned and vacuumed one last time to eliminate earthly contamination, and final briefings on weather conditions are given.

Just as pauses are built into the countdown of rocket launches, God inserts pauses in our lives. Sometimes the pauses provide essential refueling times after a long spiritual battle, illness, or an exhausting stretch of work. More often, pauses halt the forward progression of our well-ordered life in areas of employment, family relationships, church involvement or a ministry.

We usually view pauses as delays. We chafe at the halt to our plans, but progression will only be made as we make use of these schedule-stopping  pauses and accept them as part of God’s plan.

Pauses are times:
To review and thank God for the journey so far
To do an unhurried spiritual life inspection
To check the motives in all areas of our life
To look for contamination from the world and  our culture
To confess hindrances to spiritual growth
To reaffirm our commitment to walk in obedience to Christ.

Nothing delays God’s schedule,
but pauses are built into God’s plan for our life.


Martha Hawn VanCise©2015 www.signpostsonhightrails.com