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The Chalice



When I pass your truth on to the next generation,

there must be no “me” to contaminate the message.

There can only be the faint print

of my unique perspective on the chalice as I hand it on.

My prints must be so faint,

  that only those who study the chalice will notice.

The masses must see only the life-truths within the vessel.

Help me hold these truths tightly enough to keep them from slipping from my grasp,

but loosely enough that desperate truth-seekers

can ease them from my hand.

                                                                                                                        Martha VanCise ©2013


Watchman Nee said, “Our great danger may be to hold dogmatically to some “thing” associated with the divine plan for us. Every cup, however divinely appointed, should be held to very loosely. It is not that which claims us supremely, but the present will of our Father.                                                          (A Table in the Wilderness:  October 26; Watchman Nee)

Image Credit: Dreamstime.com