Signposts on High Trails is a blog to encourage those who have left well-paved and multi-sloganed spiritual plateaus to travel faintly-marked mountain trails to a richer spiritual life.  No matter how much faith we have in our Guide, a signpost from another traveler often provides needed assurance that “we are still on the right trail.”

I hope that these signposts from past writers,contemporary writers, and my own writings will encourage, inform, and even help you avoid treacherous ground. May you find great joy in this journey as you realize you are part of a triumphant  multitude that has chosen to embrace the rigors of the high trails rather than settle on the plains of spiritual mediocrity.

Martha VanCise

5 thoughts on “SIGNPOSTS

  1. Donna H.

    Martha, I am thrilled to receive your invitation to sign on. You are high on my list of to-be-admired Christian women so I’m really looking forward to reading your future blogs. Love you!


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