I wonder…
What was Your departure like?
Did You take Your time leaving heaven?
Did You give Michael and Gabriel see-you-later embraces?
Did angels peer over jasper walls and sing a “’Til We Meet Again,” type song?
Did You step quickly through luminescent gates into the dark channel of human flesh?
Did You stretch out Your departure  by
sauntering through the galaxies,
knowing that this cosmic view
would be confined to only memory
during the next three decades?
When You left, did You glance back?
Did you consider that heaven would not be the same
when You returned?
I wonder…
When You let go of God-equality
And reached for a grip on human likeness
did you exult in the moment, knowing that  finally,
the Eternally-anticipated Plan had been set in motion?

Martha VanCise©2017 – I originally posted this in 2013 under the title “Departure Day.”