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Bucket Lists and Dreams


Five and a half years ago, I moved from Florida back to Indiana, where I grew up. Although I really miss my daughter and her family, it has been a good move for me. A comfortable home and a relaxed country setting have been ideal for writing. Four years ago, I began the blog and have posted 144 blogs. During this time, I also ghostwrote two books.

As I get farther past the “threescore, ten year” mark (Psalm 90:10), I realize I had better tackle my “bucket list” and get to work on any unreached goals. One dream has been to write a fiction book. Up to this point, I have written only nonfiction.

Eighteen years ago, I submitted a fiction book proposal, Last Resort, at a writer’s conference. Editors critiqued the proposal, giving encouragement on the writing but pointing out problems with the story line. Before I could continue working on the fiction book, breast cancer interrupted my schedule. Next came open doors to write three nonfiction books, and then the blog and ghostwriting. Every publication was nonfiction.

The characters of Last Resort, though, never left me alone. They continued to reveal themselves to me until I feel as if they are members of my family. Although the publishing industry has changed drastically (authors must have a platform: speaking, media presence, Twitter and Facebook followers, etc.) and getting published will be very difficult, I’m going to give this my best shot. If no traditional publisher will publish it, I may even consider E-publishing (Ugh, Ugh, said I never would).

I tell you all this because my blog posts will be even more sporadic than they have been recently. If you have subscribed to the blog, you will continue to receive e-mails when I post but I intend to focus on Last Resort for the next 24-30 months. Sneak peek.  Last Resort is set in Pantan, a fictional Caribbean country on the verge of political collapse. A construction mission team sails to the remote island of Lanbi where some members of the team have personal agendas that do not include church building. That’s all you get!

As for my bucket list, the main thing left is to see the Rose Bowl Parade. I did not have “flying upside down in an aerobatic plane” on my list, but my daughter, Meribeth, and her husband, Hank, thought I should do this. They gave me a ride in an aerobatic plane for Mother’s Day a few years ago. Loved it, but don’t think I could handle it now. That threescore, ten catches up with you!

I’ll keep in touch. Thank you for all the great encouragement you have given me about the blog posts.

Photo by: Meribeth Sterrett
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