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Continuing Education

Never stop learning

When degrees are conferred, diplomas awarded, embossed certificates handed out and mortar boards tossed into the air, many students mistakenly believe study days have ended. Within a year to five years, though, they discover that advancement and keeping professional licenses current require continuing education. No matter what we do in life, whether cooking a meal or wielding a scalpel, continuing education will affect the quality of our work.

Continuing Education is also essential for building a strong spiritual life. Confessing our sins and placing our faith in Christ will get us through the pearly gates, but how will we enter that eternal home?  Will we be carried in as a bottle-clutching baby, or will we be part of a jubilant throng, dancing through the gates waving victory streamers? Spiritual strength and maturity – growth in our knowledge of God – come through continuing education. Aside from the Word and prayer, what effort have you made to continue learning about God?

In the next two blogs we will look at Continuing Education that develops spiritual maturity and the dangers found in some spiritual education modules.

Feel free to hit the reply button and tell about continuing spiritual education that has made a difference in your life.

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