Hiccups and Roses

Time to write

A friend once described my writing schedule as like hiccups.  If you’ve been a regular reader of Signposts on High Trails, you have noticed that my “writing hiccups” have paused. After a three-year stint of blogging and editing and ghostwriting two books (Spiritual Formation by Dr. Larry Houck, and Make That Baby Happy! by Barbara Walker), my writing hiccups suddenly stopped!

During the last six months, I have spent time with my family and new great-granddaughter in Florida, tended my roses, plotted and planted the flower garden I’ve always dreamed of, and tried to learn more about my Nikon and Photoshop. I needed a break from the computer and I’ve enjoyed these last months.

For me, writing is more than a hobby. It is the means of answering a call to ministry. I don’t want to post a blog just to stay on a schedule. I want to post because I have something to say. When I was a child we had testimony meetings and I felt compelled to stand up and say, “I’m glad Jesus saved me,” in every Wednesday prayer meeting. My father quietly took me aside and said, “Mart, don’t testify just to testify. If you have something to say, say it, but don’t just get up because everyone else is.” That is the way I’ve felt about posting a blog. I don’t want to waste the precious time of readers unless I have something of value to say.

Words of value, however, do not come easily. They require keeping an eye on cultural and world developments, time with God, time with the Word and solitude. Writing is work. Oswald Chambers wrote:

The vows of God are on me, and I may not stay
To play with shadows, or pluck earthly flower,
Till I my work have done.
And rendered up account.

And so … It’s time for me to stop planting roses and start posting  Signposts on  High Trails.

Martha Hawn VanCise ©2016 signpostsonhightrails.com
Photo: MHVanCise


2 thoughts on “Hiccups and Roses

  1. Jean White

    Oh, Martha….you can have the hiccups anytime you need them. I’ve them a few times n my life as well. It does no harm to replenish ones soul. Love ya’, Jean.

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