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Gathering Cans

recycling aluminum cans

When I moved back to Indiana three years ago, my sister and I spent a great deal of time together. She drove a Kubota utility vehicle and we spent hours taking rides on country roads and catching up after being apart for nearly fifty years. We enjoyed photographing flowers and talking about childhood memories of places we passed.

Somewhere along the way, though, we noticed aluminum cans littered the road side. At first, we picked up cans to make the countryside look better, then we decided we might as well recycle them and make some pocket money. Soon we were obsessed with picking up cans. We crossed muddy ditches to get cans out of fields and tried out new ways to snare the cans with grabbers. Soon, all we saw – even while traveling in a car – was the glint of a can that we needed to get.

As we kept our focus on mangled cans in dusty roadside weeds, sassafras trees on the hillsides turned deep orange, soft maples turned gold and oaks began to drop their leaves. By the time November came and it was too cold to ride in an open-air vehicle, we turned in the cans for redemption. Though the cans filled the bed of a pick-up truck, the income covered little more than the fuel for the Kubota. While we had focused on accumulating pocket change from crumpled cans, the glory of a Midwest fall had come and gone.

The lure of getting just a few more earthly possessions can easily distract us from missing God’s greatest blessings.
Take time to enjoy:
The material riches you already possess
The ever changing beauty of God’s creation
Spending time with family
Fellowship with other Christians
Time alone with God – in his Word and prayer

 “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2

Martha Hawn VanCise©2015
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Magnetic Fields

Worldly Influences

You have built systems into birds that cause them to migrate and navigate by magnetic fields running from each pole. According to Peter Friederici manmade electromagnetic forces can throw the birds off course. “Bird’s innate navigational systems go haywire in a metropolis,” he said. “But block the electromagnetic radiation, one study shows, and their sensors return to normal.” (Audubon March-April 2015)

You have put eternity, a sense of God in our hearts. You have given us a reliable guidance system — Christ in us, the Holy Spirit, and your Word. We live, though, in a world of strong forces that attack our perception of Truth. We can block or bypass some sinful influences, but until we reach our final resting place, we will have to contend with the forces of our culture. The only way that we can stay the course is to continually  align our course with the Word and daily communicate with God.

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Pain and suffering

While reading devotionals in the Celtic Daily Prayer book
I found these thoughts by Gene Edwards.

“What kind of Christian can best endure suffering?
That Christian doesn’t exist.
I could handle your problems easily.
You could handle mine with a yawn.
But it didn’t happen that way.
I got the ones I couldn’t handle;
so did you. ”

Martha Hawn VanCise© 2015