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Don’t Grab the Fiery Arrows

Deflect fiery arrows with shield of faith

The Evil One bombards us with fiery arrows every day. We know the danger of grabbing “temptation” arrows, but we often reach for and grab the “what if” arrows.  What if I lose my income? What if my cancer goes out of remission?  What if my teen makes harmful choices? What if my end years are spent in mental confusion? What if the stock market plunges? What if I my spouse dies?  What if, what if, what if?

Instead of raising the shield of faith to deflect “what if” arrows, we seize them and turn them over and over in our thinking. We spend time examining them and trying to figure out a way to extinguish them if they touch our lives. Few of the “what ifs” ever become a reality, but grabbing those arrows, and turning them over in our minds will destroy our peace.

We live under a barrage of fiery “what ifs” from the Evil One. We can choose to raise the shield of faith and trust that God will be with us if a “what if” comes to pass, or we can lower the shield and try to catch the arrows and extinguish them by ourselves.

Don’t reach for the fiery arrows. Raise your shield of faith. God’s everlasting love and faithfulness will see you through any realities of the future.

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Playing Grasshopper

Taking a break

Three years ago this month I left the six-lane aggressive-driving traffic of South Florida to return to the “wave at everyone traffic” of St. Bernice, Indiana.

Although I fill out legal forms with “retired,” I spend almost as much time writing and working on the computer as I did when I was “employed.” This week I’m wrapping up the last of two books I’ve ghostwritten for Christian authors during the past 24 months. I’ve also posted more than 100 blogs to and have handled a couple other large computer-based assignments.

As I look out my office window I see yellow leaves floating down from walnut trees in my back yard. Outside, the click-click and high pitch voice of cicadas remind me that summer has turned a corner and is fast approaching fall. On the heels of fall comes winter. The truth smacks me. “The summer has almost ended and I have not played!”

And so, I’m going to limit my office hours, “play grasshopper” for a while, enjoy what is left of summer and treasure every moment of fall. The prairie wind will soon bluster, the leaves will shiver and fall, and the skies turn gray. On those days I will burrow under a mound of writing projects and post Signposts on a regular basis. Until then, the postings may be a little sporadic.

The best way to keep up with the blog is to subscribe to it. See SUBSCRIBE on the right side of the blog. You only need to leave your email address. You will receive an email that you must reply to in order to verify that you did want to subscribe. You will only get an email when a new blog is posted, no one else sees your email address, and I don’t even know your name unless it’s part of the email address.

Paul told Timothy “God has given us all things for our enjoyment.” I’m going to take some time out to enjoy what God has given me. Take time – even out of your work for God – to enjoy the blessings you have.

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