The Best Way?


The Best Way?

 Is  God’s way or plan for our life the best one?
Choosing to follow God’s way does not guarantee

Fulfilling our dreams
A model family life
Avoidance of extreme grief
Lack of stress and mental anguish
Alleviation of physical pain
Financial freedom
Acceptance by others
Success in the eyes of others

If these elements in life are important to you
God’s Way may not be the Best Way for you to travel

What does God’s Way promise? 
God’s Way is a

Way of peace
Way of character development
Way of balance
Way of contentment
Way of freedom from fear – especially fear of the future
Way of joy
Way of hope
Way of becoming what we were created to be – in   harmony with God and His creation
Way of eternal life

Martha Hawn VanCise©2015