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Big Event

Big EventI’ve watched Big Events on TV—Super Bowl, World Series, Indianapolis 500, Rose Bowl Parade, Olympics, World Cup, Academy Awards, and weddings of world figures—but I have never attended one of these events.

Yesterday, in the Sunday morning worship service, words from the Revelation suddenly caught my attention. The Apostle John wrote of a gathering from every nation, tribe, people and language that will bow in the presence of the Almighty God and give praise. They will assemble for a Wedding and the sounds of celebration and praise will be like the roar of Niagara Falls and peals of thunder.

 Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns.
Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory!
For the wedding of the Lamb has come,
and his bride has made herself ready.

As I heard those words, I suddenly thought “I get to go to that!”  I may never get tickets to other Big Events but I already have a reservation  for that event. I will be there!

Martha Hawn VanCise ©2014

Just Do It™

Just Do It ™

Just Do It

Telling someone how to have a strong personal devotional life
is like telling a person how to exercise and diet.

We all know the rules of healthy eating. We have belly-off cookbooks, Pilates DVDs, weight machines, fitness memberships and phone aps. Many of us (self included) could write a guidebook on weight loss plans.  In the back of our minds we know at the end of every day if we have ignored healthy choices and neglected exercise. We know what we should do. We just don’t do it!

As Christians, we know how to have a strong personal devotional life. We have books, DVDs, refrigerator magnets, songs and seminars on “Prayer.”  We have reading plans, audio Bibles and daily devotional guides to encourage us to read God’s Word. We know what we should do. We just don’t do it!

Just as in building and maintaining physical fitness, developing a strong spiritual life takes two things:

Time and Commitment

Sometimes building physical and spiritual fitness is work and is downright boring, but eventually you will see results. Other people will notice the results too.

Martha Hawn VanCise©20014







Disk Cleanup


Father, please do a complete disk cleanup
of my heart and mind.

There are fragmented files
from old thought patterns
that slow me down
hang up my progress
keep me from moving beyond the past.

I’ve tried self-cleaning programs but
I’m still not running right.

I need the work of Someone
who knows more about me than I do
to run a full disk-cleanup and
install only the necessary files
that I need at this time in my life.

Martha Hawn VanCise ©2014