Tornado wreckage

More and more I realize that few people of gentle, peaceful, and strong character have become strong because life spared them difficulties.  Often they are the “survivors” of destructive forces.  Their strength lies not in what they have been spared or avoided, but what they have faced and overcome.

They do not lament or murmur about their suffering, but pay tribute to  God who gave strength and brought good out of  difficult situations.

 “I have …learned that the most mature believer is the one who is bent over, leaning most heavily on the Lord, and admitting his total inability to do anything without Christ. The greatest Christian is not the one who has achieved the most but rather the one who has received the most. God’s grace, love, and mercy flow through him abundantly because he walks in total dependence.”  Jim Cymbala, pastor of The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Martha Hawn VanCise ©2013

2 thoughts on “Survivors

  1. Donna H.

    This is most surely true. This past summer, I was amazed at the way my daughter faced and dealt with a cancer episode. Could it be because of how she fought back from coming close to death when she was just two days old? … or overcoming leg and foot deformties over the course of ten years? … or dealing with her father’s death when she was only nine years old? … or living each day “above” familial tremors and Rheumtoid Arthritis? Her faith in God as her Father was cemented when she received Him into her heart at age seven, and she has trusted Him ever since. He is so real and true to her, and she is true to Him. He has enabled her to be a survivor, she knows where her strength comes from, and we both give God all the glory.

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