Peace Drain

Low Battery


Unnoticed attitudes and thoughts
in the daily routine of life
often drain our peace.

In the brightness of days
that seem free of great trials or darkness,
we don’t notice that interior monologues
and mental harangues are
stealthily sapping our peace.

Criticism  Resentment  Fretting over annoyances  Jealousy
Discontent  Self-doubt Unresolved anger  Worry

Deplete our Peace and dim our Joy.

When we sense unease
instead of assurance
we need to check the control panel of our life
and turn off peace-draining thoughts.

Martha Hawn VanCise © 2013



One thought on “Peace Drain

  1. Margery

    Love to read your blogs. So true. Many things we say or do will drain our peace. We have just heard Dan Bohi in our church, Covington Nazarene, and he really brought a great revival to our church. He just testified about how Jesus wants us to go out and by His Holy Spirit be like Jesus to the world. He mainly was giving Scripture about sanctification and doing what Jesus did. Many people were sanctified and healed. John 17.

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