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Is Anyone Praying for Them?


When Las Vegas pianist Liberace died, I wondered
“Did anyone ever pray for Liberace?”
I don’t know if anyone ever prayed for him but I thought,
“How tragic to live a life untouched by someone’s prayers.”

Millions pass through the world without having their name
lifted in prayer to the Almighty God.
In stadiums, thousands sit in stands who have never had their name
lifted in prayer to Christ.
Hundreds shop alongside us in malls that have never had their name lifted in prayer to Jesus.
Scores wait in long lines with us who have never had their name
lifted in prayer.

Look around you.
Take a second look at the people where you work,
shop, eat, find recreation and ask yourself,
“Is anyone praying for these people?”

As you encounter people each day
offer a simple prayer asking Christ
to touch their lives and
to lead them to a place of closeness to Him.
Make sure that the people you meet have had
at least one prayer offered to God on their behalf.

Does someone pray for you?
If so, you are blessed.
Many of us are supported by daily prayers.

Take time to think of the people who pray for you.
Take time to thank them for their prayers.
Take time to pray for them.

“If you have a friend to whom you can say,
In quiet simplicity, ‘Please, will you pray
For me?’ and know that a prayer of love
Will rise to the holy God above,
You have a treasure of brighter span
Than all the jewels since time began.”
Author Unknown

Martha Hawn VanCise©2013 Signposts On High Trails


Waiting in Darkness

Candle in Dark

Waiting in darkness
seems longer
more confusing
more stressful
than waiting in light.

When we wait in light our minds skip through a broad expanse of possibilities. We can see beyond our fears, avoid pitfalls and confidently look to a bright future when waiting has ended.

In the darkness, though, imagined scenarios pin us to a wall of fear.

We cannot see what You are doing
We cannot see what others are doing
We cannot see what we should do.

We know that darkness is as light to You, but to us it is clammy, blinding blackness.

When we grope along paths that edge crumbling hopes we question —
Should we take a trembling step forward? Or —
Should we grip a Rock-solid promise and wait for your deliverance?

We are willing to wait restfully
or move confidently in the darkness,
but some days we need a pinpoint of light – a ray of guidance –
to keep us from tumbling into despair before the waiting time has ended.

Martha Hawn VanCise©2013 Signposts On High Trails