Waiting in Darkness

Candle in Dark

Waiting in darkness
seems longer
more confusing
more stressful
than waiting in light.

When we wait in light our minds skip through a broad expanse of possibilities. We can see beyond our fears, avoid pitfalls and confidently look to a bright future when waiting has ended.

In the darkness, though, imagined scenarios pin us to a wall of fear.

We cannot see what You are doing
We cannot see what others are doing
We cannot see what we should do.

We know that darkness is as light to You, but to us it is clammy, blinding blackness.

When we grope along paths that edge crumbling hopes we question —
Should we take a trembling step forward? Or —
Should we grip a Rock-solid promise and wait for your deliverance?

We are willing to wait restfully
or move confidently in the darkness,
but some days we need a pinpoint of light – a ray of guidance –
to keep us from tumbling into despair before the waiting time has ended.

Martha Hawn VanCise©2013 Signposts On High Trails