Measuring Stick

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How easy to compare our spiritual stature with those around us:
family, friends, even church leaders.

When we compare ourselves among ourselves, we all look pretty good. We may not be spiritual giants, but we are above average. 

Measuring ourselves against each other gives us false assurance that we are spiritually strong.

“Weaker” Christians abound, to whom we can compare ourselves.

Your Word, though, informs us that measuring ourselves by ourselves and comparing ourselves with ourselves is not wise.
(II Corinthians 10:12)

God uses one measuring stick


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2 thoughts on “Measuring Stick

  1. Dale

    Growing up in south Texas in the early 30s, I didn’t know we were poor because everybody else was too. Well, 99.5% were. I guess that’s like living in a spiritually impoverished society and going along with the crowd not realizing your lack. Your blog was though provoking.

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