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 Faded GloryTM Walmart

Today’s  actors, politicians, athletes, writers, musicians, theologians, and even criminals, who have been crowned with media glory, will eventually step onto life’s stage one last time.

With the dimming of the eulogy spotlight, their glory will begin to wane. Fewer and fewer people will speak of their limelight days and eventually a generation will arise that says,

           “Walmart? Who is Walmart?”

           “O.J.? What is O.J.?”

          “Billy Graham? Never heard of him.”

We remember a few who lived 200-300 years ago, but the glory of those who lived 1000 years in the past has mainly faded from all but historical documents.  Over 3000 years ago, King David wrote about God’s majestic glory.

             The heavens declare the glory of God; 

            The skies proclaim the work of his hands.

            Day after day they pour forth speech;

            Night after night they display knowledge.

            There is no speech or language where

                      their voice is not heard.

            Their voice goes out into all the earth,

            Their words to the ends of the world.


God’s Glory has not faded.

He continues to remind everyone of His Glory. He still sends us:



starry-night memos, and

new-born-baby memos.

These reminders confirm to us that nothing has diminished the glory of  God.

Few of us will be remembered much beyond 100 years

of our passing. As the flowers and grass, our earthly glory will fade.

Only Christ in us can give us hope of eternal unfading glory.


(Psalm 19:1-4; I Peter 1:24; I Peter 5:4; Colossians 1:27. NIV)

Martha Hawn VanCise ©2013`

Storage Units

storage unit

We grow in our ability to appropriate God’s power, but we will never be able to store power

We can’t store patience

We can’t store longsuffering

We can’t store endurance

We can’t store wisdom

We can’t store love for unlovely people

We can’t store peace of mind

We can’t store defense against temptation

We can’t store the joy of walking with God

We must get a fresh supply each day.

We must keep abiding in Christ.

We cannot rely on what we have become in Christ.

We must rely on Christ himself.

Martha Hawn VanCise©2013

God’s Path




C.A. Fox, unknown to Google or Bing, posted a sign on the high trails that gave encouragement to Charles and Lettie Cowman in the early 1900s.*

In 1928 Lettie Cowman reposted C.A. Fox’s high-trail sign in the biography Charles E. Cowman: Missionary –Warrior. In 1975 a friend gave that book to me.

C.A. Fox’s post, and Cowman’s reposted sign gave me courage and strength to confidently walk  with God when I left the security of my homeland and followed God’s leading to work and live in Guatemala (1976-1977) and Haiti (1983-1988).

Today, May 14, 2013, I repost C.A. Fox’s faded sign in hopes that it will encourage someone who is taking that first tenuous step in leaving earthly security to step out in faith to follow where God is leading.

And now, with a change of metaphor…

“God’s path is on the sea–just where we would not expect it to be.  So when He leads us by unexpected ways, off the strong, solid land out upon the changing sea, then we may expect to see His ways.  We are with the One who finds a path as He goes.  That is better than having a path ready tracked out, for it makes us perfectly independent of circumstances.”  C.A. Fox

* The Cowmans  founded the Oriental Missionary Society which is now called One Mission Society. Charles Cowman’s vast and productive missionary work in Asia is well documented by all search engines. His wife, Lettie Cowman, (published as Mrs. Charles Cowman) wrote Streams in the Desert, which is a religious classic selling millions of copies.