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Channel Markers



  Your plan flows through all my years,

 not in a well‑defined, man‑dredged canal,

but in a meandering God‑made channel.

At first I confidently set my course

and followed the gleaming glory ships of the “old salts.”

But I’ve learned that the draft of my soul

is not quite the same as others

and that cultural tides have shifted ancient landmarks.

I must take soundings to find the channel you have marked for me.

That God-gouged channel is not a straight-lined passage

that allows me to set my soul on automatic pilot.

Safe passage requires constant course correction

to stay between the markers of your

Spirit and your Word.

                                                                                                 Martha VanCise ©2013

Image Credit:  © Can Stock Photo Inc.

Ball of Twine

yarn mess

His life is like a ball of twine.

At first it was well rounded, neatly compacted, controlled by his own strong will.

With the passage of time it became harder

to keep the lengthening strands shaped in a well-rounded sphere.

One slight fumble and a looping line changed the shape.

 Instead of stopping to straighten the dropped strand and rewinding it,

he gripped the ball tighter and wound a new line

over the loose strand,

 folding and hiding  the tangle.

In a moment of lost control,

he dropped the entire ball, scooped it up again, clutched it tightly to his chest and wound clean

strands across dirt and knots.

When he realized that his life was hopelessly tangled and no longer under his control, he called out,

“God! Get this tangle out of my life.”

Now he cradles the spilling strands in his arms.

He extends the loops of events that created the most troublesome knots

and calls for God to “Take out the knots!”

When God does not respond by untangling the mess,

he blames God and loses faith in God’s goodness.

He doesn’t see that the only way God can untangle the knots,

is if he hands God

the whole ball of twine.

                                                                                           Martha VanCise ©2013

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